APSARA is a flexible ensemble built around the recorder, that has been exploring its own paths in new and early music since its foundation in 2000. Beyond the highly varied instruments of the recorder family, concerts feature giant slide flutes and toy instruments. The recorder players Katelijne Lanneau, Ines Rasbach and Tomma Wessel regularly use electronic means and join hands with other musicians and composers. These collaborations have resulted in world premieres by Alvin Curran, Moritz Eggert, Frederic Rzewski, Annelies Van Parys, Errollyn Wallen, Sarah Wéry, Christian Wolff and many others.
Always looking for connections between early and recent music, in 2021 Apsara recorded the programme ‚En attendant‘ on video, in which music from the Ars Subtilior by da Caserta and da Bologna is presented alongside a world premiere by Ghent composer Frank Nuyts.
Apsara has a long-standing collaboration with composer Matthew Shlomowitz, which included co-conceiving a concert programme ‚Weird Light Music‘ for three recorders and keyboardist Stéphane Ginsburgh, which premiered at De Bijloke in Ghent in 2023.

foto: Elmar Valter

Composers the members of Apsara worked with:

Frank Agsteribbe (B)
Luc Brewaeys (B)
Carola Bauckholt (D)
Volker Blumenthaler (D)
Thomas Bruttger (D)
Claude Coppens (B)
Paul Craenen (B)
Alvin Curran (USA)
Violeta Dinescu (Rum)
Moritz Eggert (D)
Alexandra Filonenco (Rus)
Michael Finnissy (GB)
Jennifer Fowler (GB)
Marta Gentilucci (I)
Lucien Goethals (B)
Malcom Goldstein (USA)
Alvaro Guimaraes (Bras)
Christophe Guiraud (B)
Geert Logghe (B)
György Kurtág (Hu)
Myriam Marbe (Rum)
Kikuko Massoumoto (Jap)
Jeff Nichols (USA)
David Nunezanez (Ven)
Frank Nuyts (B)

Helmut Oehring (D)
Ernest H. Papier (F)
Dominique Pauwels (B)
Aldo Platteau (B)
Lucien Posman (B)
Stefan Prins (B)
Rolf Riehm (D)
Frederic Rzewski (USA)
Stuart Saunders-Smith (USA)
Matthew Shlomowitz (Australia)
Volker Staub (D)
Aart Strootman (NL)
Peter Swinnen (B)
Stefan Thomas (D)
Stefan Van Eycken (B)
Jasper Vanpaemel (B)
Heleen Van Haegenborgh (B)
Annelies Van Parijs (B)
Esther Venrooy (NL)
Serge Verstockt (B)
Errolyn Wallen (GB)
Caspar Johannes Walter (D)
Sarah Wéry (B)
Christian Wolff (USA)

CD „Integrating the Recorder“

Champ d’Action Archive Series number 06
music for Champ d’Action and Tomma Wessel
by Finnissy, Nichols, Nunezanez, Prins, Shlomowitz