Out now: CD full of musical wonders composed by fabulous Matthew Shlomowitz released on Carrier Records !

Features „Explorations in Polytonality and Other Musical Wonders, Volume 2 and 4“ played by recorder trio Apsara & Swiss synth/perc Quartet Laboratoire. 12 tracks in 33 mins.


30.06.2024, 19.30     Café Oto, 18–22 Ashwin Street, London, Great Britain: double-bill programme with Plus-Minus Ensemble – compositions by Matthew Shlomowitz, Thomas Stiegler, Jasper Vanpaemel and Galina Ustvolskaya

recent projects (selection)

10.03.2024, 16.00     Begga Festival, Begijnhofkerk, 2800 Mechelen: Tomma Wessel and Annelies Foquaert perform music by female composers and music for the organ of the Begijnhofkerk. The concert is part of the festival Begga. Tomma plays music by Violeta Dinescu, Marta Gentilucci, Annelies Van Parys and Hildegard Von Bingen. More info and tickets here

18.02.2024, 11.00     Concertgebouw Brugge, ‘t Zand 34, 8000 Brugge: Fast nur Luft: Tomma Wessel plays music by Eva Reiter and first performances by Annelies van Parys and Marta Gentilucci, as part of the festival „Het witte blad“.

04.02.2024, 16.00     Church of Vieil-Hesdin, Pas de Calais, France: Apsara – Die Kleine Kammermusik performs „Les goûts réunis“ with captivating baroque music by Couperin, Purcell, Vivaldi and others. Musicians are Tomma Wessel, Ines Rasbach, Nathalie Houtman – recorders, and Thomas Yvrard, harpsichord. Reservation and information via facebook, mail culture@7vallees.fr or phone +33 321861919

21.01.2024, 11.00     Kunstforum De Koolputten, Koolputten 2, 9250 Waasmunster: opening exhibition „De onorthodoxe pathiek“ by Jan Eyskens – Tomma Wessel plays Jacob van Eyck

09.12.2023, 30.09.2023 20.00     Music Centre De Bijloke Gent, Bijlokekaai 7, 9000 Gent: Apsara and Stéphane Ginsburgh (piano) play the first performance of their new project „Weird Light Music“. Music by Meredith Monk, Moondog, Matthew Shlomowitz, Karen Tanaka, Jasper Vanpaemel and a new composition by Aart Strootman – co-commissioned by De Bijloke. Supported by Stad Gent Cultuur and  

12.11.2023, 14.30     Girton College, Cambridge: A Concert for Remembrance Sunday: prepremiere of Marta Gentilucci’s studie for solo recorder, baroque music by Bach, Purcell and others. Tomma Wessel (recorder), Maggie Faultless (violin), Geirþrúður Anna Guðmundsdóttir (cello), Martin Ennis (harpsichord).

20.08.2023, 17.30     Blokfluitdagen Mechelen, Auditorium van het Scheppersinstituut: Apsara (Tomma Wessel, Katelijne Lanneau and Ines Rasbach) perform „Musical Wonders“ with „Explorations in Polytonality and Other Musical Wonders, Volume 2“ by Matthew Shlomowitz (2021), „ABC“ by Jasper Vanpaemel (2021) and ballads by ars subtilior composers da Caserta and da Bologna.

08.07.2023, 20.00     Ryelandtzaal, Achiel van Ackerplein 3, 8000 Brugge: Ines Rasbach is participating in „Grounds“ with ensemble Theano in the context of Kamermuziekdagen Brugge.

17.02.2023, 20.00     Sint-Gerolfkerk, Drongenplein, 9031 Drongen: Apsara participates in „O DEAR LIFE – The world of William Byrd“ of the choir El Grillo, directed by Inge Bollaert, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of William Byrd. Tickets: 18€ / 20€ (incl. receptie), Reservatie: Oorverblindend

05.-06.12.2022     Apsara and Matthew Shlomowitz record „Explorations in Polytonality and Other Musical Wonders, Volume 2“ (2021) by Matthew Shlomowitz at Music Centre De Bijloke Gent with Recording Director Rainer Arndt. Supported by Music Centre De Bijloke Gent